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Marina Angel Smokes a Joint

Marina Angel stays late at school, hoping to smoke a joint before heading home. Finding an empty classroom, she lights up and starts inhaling. When a teacher walks in, she tries hiding the joint and holding her breath, but it doesn’t work. She ends up exhaling the smoke right in front of him. Marina then tries saying it’s a cigarette, but the teacher knows what pot smells like.

Innocent High has a zero tolerance policy for drugs. Marina knows she is in trouble and is going to be punished. Instead of calling her parents or sending her to the principle, the teacher offers an alternative. She can milk his cock instead.

Watch as smoking student Marina Angel gets punished with hard cock in the classroom. The sexy student strips naked and sucks cock, then hops on to ride it. When the student body fucks the faculty, it’s hot porn that you won’t want to miss. Naughty Marina proves that she is suitable for a lot more than just blowing smoke.

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This lovely beauty loves her cigarettes, even when she is sucking on a hard cock! Her smoking fetish is strong and her pussy literally gets wet after the first puff!

Hot blonde teen smoking and screwing!

This sexy blonde teenager has a smoking fetish and as soon as she lights up, her pussy starts to tingle so she fucks the first guy available!

Sizzling hot brunette smoking and fucking!

This babe has definitely got the smoking fetish! She cant put the cigaret out even when her boyfriend is drilling her butt hole with his hard dong!

Sexy smoker gets her asshole pumped!

This sexy blonde teen has just started smoking, but she is an experienced cock sucker and her asshole is ripe for some hardcore anal penetration!

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This horny slut has a serious smoking fetish and she loves to feel a hard cock entering her body at the same time as nicotine!

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If you have a smoking fetish, you will adore this sexy teenage slut! She takes a puff and immediatelly shoves her boyfriends cock in her mouth!