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Mastering the Art of the Free Hookup

Many guys think that to get laid through the Internet, you only have two choices. The first choice that comes to guys minds is of course Facebook. Facebook is amazing when it comes to getting laid. Why? You have friends, and they have friends and those friends have friends, and those friends have friends as well. If you play your cards right, your reach in terms of fuckable hot women is exponential. We’re not just talking about finding hot women in the United States or even Canada. We’re talking about finding a hot woman to fuck through your friend network on Facebook in Europe or on the other side of the planet. That’s how extensive Facebook’s social network is. That’s why a lot of guys have been known to brag about fucking all sorts of random chicks simply by hanging out on Facebook.
While this is all well and good, you have to understand that if something goes wrong or a woman makes all sorts of bad accusations against you, you would look really bad in your social network. People who are your close friends or relatives might start looking at you differently. As the old saying goes, don’t shit where you eat. If you’re going to play the Facebook game, make sure you use a different account using a different name.
The other way to get a free hookup online is to join a free sex site. You might be shocked at this revelation because normally dating sites charge a lot of money. Well, guess what? Times have changed and there are now a lot of free adult dating sites that don’t charge a membership. Most importantly, they actually work. That’s right you can actually hook up from these websites that are free. There are a lot of good-looking women there, and you can pick too. There are Latina women, Mestiza women, Asian women, black women you name it. There are even single moms with kids. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s like a sexual buffet, eat-all-you-can extravaganza.
The problem, however, is that there are also a lot of guys on those free dating sites. So you really have to step up your game if you want to get laid.